Conference 2007

Who Owns the Coast?

People and the Sea IV: 'Who Owns the Coast?'

5 -7 July, 2007

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As coastal populations and economies expanded and the use of marine and coastal resources intensified, governance has become an issue of key concern. In response to mounting pressures, international conferences have reorganized space (such as the Law of the Sea) set new policy agendas (such as for integrated coastal zone management) and acted to protect key resources (such as by establishing marine parks and Ramsar sites). These initiatives are translated into national contexts and their effects are now being felt at local levels. The ownership and the distribution of rights to resources is, however, a fundamental problem. It is summarized in our lead question: ‘Who owns the coast?’ Who wins and loses as regimes of resource allocation shift? How can competing claims and objectives be recognized and balanced in governance?


These questions are addressed in four conference themes:

  1. Governance
  2. Space & Ownership
  3. Culture & Work Worlds
  4. Innovation in Research Approaches



















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