Theme: Space & Ownership

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Papers that address the theme of Space & Ownership will address the construction, negotiation, and contestation of claims to territory. Topics include boundaries, zoning, and cross-scale analysis. Multiple stakeholders – such as tourists, environmentalists, industrial developers, fishers, and residents – make for competing claims and intractable negotiations.


One of the major issues in coastal governance is the organization of space. Globalized consumer demands for shrimp and salmon influence local governments to intensify aquaculture and coastal resource extraction. International environmental organizations lobby for the establishment of Marine Park Areas, often excluding artisanal fishermen in the areas concerned. And tourism and a growing leisure industry along the coast compete for space and fisheries resources with the local fishers’ population whose livelihood depends largely on fisheries. 


These are examples of interacting and often competing claims at different spatial and temporal scales. Papers within this theme highlight the organization of coastal and maritime space. They may discuss property rights in new multi-stakeholder contexts, or the dynamics of legitimation and transgression. Papers in this stream may also focus on current events, such as sea-bound migration and border crossing.

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