Theme: Governance

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Governance is more than management: it relates to institutions, principles, and a long-term perspective. This theme covers the gamut of studies in the field of co-management, regulation, institutional design, and collective action.


According to theory, governance, policy-making and management have different concerns. Whereas governance includes the day-to-day problem-solving and opportunity-creation that managers typically engage in, it goes beyond management and policy in taking a long-term, overarching perspective. Governance thus enquires into the values and principles that inform action, and into the institutions that give direction. It recognizes that governors are located in government, but also in other parts of society. Recently, scientists in this field are also starting to examine the topic of governability, or the propensity for steerage.


This conference theme gathers the gamut of governance debates with regard to coastal and marine issues. Papers in this field may discuss co-management and participatory planning, or examine the dilemma’s involved in balancing environmental and developmental goals. They may highlight the tensions that affect Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) or consider the effects of legal pluralism. Their contributions may be conceptual, methodological or practical in nature, and may deal with local, national or transnational issues.

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