2013 Conference

People and the Sea VII

Conference theme: Maritime Futures

“Maritime Futures”, the central theme of the 7th MARE People and the Sea conference, addresses the opportunities and constraints for the development of maritime governance, knowledge production maritime communities and maritime regions.

Globally marine and fisheries systems are under stress. This not only affects the natural environment and resources, but also increases the vulnerability of people and communities who depend on these systems. The future for users of coastal and maritime resources is thus uncertain, but carefully targeted governance interventions may yet generate good options for improving the health of maritime ecosystems and enhancing the wellbeing of coastal and maritime resource users. Effective governance, however, requires high quality applied social (and natural) science that can increase contextual understanding, particularly with regard to the critical drivers of change and the institutional mechanisms for recognizing and dealing with problems and creating opportunities at various scales.

Maritime knowledge production is no longer the domain of biologists and economists alone, social scientists are increasingly invited to co-produce maritime knowledge. More broadly, not only scientists play a role but increasingly society, maritime businesses and NGOs create new frontiers in knowledge production. Collaborative knowledge production is needed for the development of legitimate and sustainable fisheries and maritime policies.

An emerging issue are physical changes and political and economic developments around the Arctic and on the high seas. These are generating new opportunities and t new spheres of authority but also new relations of accountability to deal with a diversity of problems resulting fromgrowing maritime activities and conflicts.

As reflected in the conference themes, the aim of the 7th MARE conference is to explore these new frontiers at sea and in coastal areas.


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