Name: Douglas Clyde Kongshøj Wilson
Activities for MARE:
Associate Chief EditorPictureDougWilson

Current Position: Professor MSO in Fisheries Sociology, Innovative Fisheries Management: An Aalborg University Research Center

Relevant research projects: Bridging the gap between science, stakeholders and policy makers. Phase 2 - Integration of evidence-based knowledge and its application toscience and management of fisheries and the marine environment (GAP2)

GAP2 is about making a difference to an issue of significance to the whole of society; the wellbeing of the marine environment and the sustainability of fisheries upon which society depends for food. It builds on the relationships, processes and plans arising from GAP1 by enabling Mobilisation and Mutual Learning (MML) actions that promote stakeholder participation in the debate on and development of research knowledge and structures relevant to emerging policy on fisheries and the marine environment. A broad range of stakeholders will participate in : participatory research actions that integrate the knowledge of stakeholders and scientists and render it useful for management and policy development, critical evaluation of the participatory processes and incorporation of the lessons learned into systems of research and decision making.

Maximising yield of fisheries while balancing ecosystem, economic and social Concerns (MYFISH)

The MSY concept was included as a principle in the 2009 Green Paper on the reform of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) in accordance with the global imperative to manage fish stocks according to the maximum sustainable yield (MSY). Attaining this goal is complicated by the lack of common agreement on the interpretation of "sustainability" and "yield" and by the effects that achieving MSY for one stock may have on other stocks and broader ecosystem, economic, or social aspects. MYFISH will provide definitions of MSY variants which maximize other measures of “yield” than biomass and which account for the fact that single species rarely exist in isolation. Further, MYFISH will redefine the term “sustainable” to signify that Good Environmental Status (MSFD) is achieved and economically and socially unacceptable situations are avoided, all with acceptable levels of risk. In short, MYFISH aims at integrating the MSY concept with the overarching principals of the CFP: the precautionary and the ecosystemapproach. MYFISH will achieve this objective through addressing fisheries in all RAC areas and integrating stakeholders (the fishing industry, NGOs and managers) throughout the project. Existing ecosystem and fisheries models will be modified to perform maximization of stakeholder approved yield measures while ensuring acceptable impact levels on ecosystem, economic and social aspects. Implementation plans are proposed and social aspects addressed through active involvement of stakeholders. Finally, effects of changes in environment, economy and society on MSY variants are considered, aiming at procedures rendering the MSY approach robust to such changes. The expertise of 26 partners from relevant disciplines including fisheries, ecosystem, economic and social science are involved in all aspects of the project. Global experience is engaged from North America and the South Pacific.

Relevant publications:

Wilson, D.C.K. in press “European Mixed Fisheries as a Complex Commons” Nature, Society, Science

Jacobsen R.B., D.C.K. Wilson and P. Ramirez 2011 “Empowerment and regulation - dilemmas in participatory fisheries science” Fish and Fisheries Article first published online: 18 JUL 2011 | DOI: 10.1111/j.1467-2979.2011.00434.x

Wilson, D.C.K., M. Ahmed, A. Delaney, S. Donda, C.K. Kapasa, I. Malasha, K. Muyangali, F. Njaya, T. Olesen, E. Poiosse, J. Raakjær 2010 “Fisheries co-management institutions in Southern Africa: A hierarchical analysis of perceptions of effectiveness” International Journal of the Commons 4(2): 643–662

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